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Phoenix Decorating  |  5400 Irwindale Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706

Thank you for considering AARFA as a place to donate your time and talents. Volunteers are vital to the success of this project. At AARFA, we know that your time and talent are precious, and we want every minute you spend with us to be worthwhile. These signups are handled by the Volunteer Committee.

Volunteers will be accepted ONLY by filling out the Volunteer Application online and scheduling yourselves. A mandatory uniform purchase must be made.

Volunteers are also needed for events throughout the year – email us for more information!




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1. All volunteers must be 13 years or older.

2. All groups must be accompanied by a member of the sponsoring Rotary Club.  Teachers and parents can accompany but one member of the sponsoring RC MUST be in attendance. The required ratio of adult supervisors to student volunteers is 1 to 10.

3. Accept all jobs offered and do the job well. You can decline scaffolding jobs. Volunteers are here to work.  There will be some not-so-glamorous jobs that need to be done besides decorating; it all has to be done.  We will be working on floats other than the Rotary float 

4. Only three volunteers are allowed on scaffolding at a time.

5. Be patient when you are not assigned a job as the float is built in states and is determined by weather factors (i.e. how the glue dries and the flowers/seeds stay put or are applied.)

6. NO cell phones, CD’s, IPODS, MP3 players or other electrical devices are allowed to be used during a decorating shift except allowed breaks and/or during the meal break.

7. Be prepared to stay and work for your entire shift.  Excluding bathroom and water breaks, only one 30 minute meal break is allowed per shift and all PHOENIX volunteers take their meal break at the same time.

8. Food and drink can only be consumed during the 30 minute meal break.  As all volunteers for Phoenix break at the same time and the break is limited to 30 minutes it is STRONGLY suggested that the individuals and/or individual groups bring food and drink to the Phoenix decorating site.  Food booths are available from Dec. 26 through Dec. 31st but there is insufficient time to stand in line, order and consume food from these booths.  Also they are quite expensive.

9. Healthy storage of food and drink is the sole responsibility of the individual volunteer or specific group.

10. Wear layers of clothing as the early morning hours and late evening hours are colder.  

11. Wear old clothes that can become dirty or spoiled by glue etc.  ONLY closed toed shoes no UGG’s.  Tie back long hair. Fingerless gloves are allowed but save your manicure for a later day.

12. All personal items are the responsibility of the owner.

13. Bring your ID and money only, fanny packs work great.

14. Please do not expect to use the office phones, there are pay phones located outside the north door for your use during breaks.  Incoming calls will not be accepted and no paging will be allowed from the office.  EMERGENY calls only.

15. IF you need to leave the decorating area AT ANY TIME other than the official meal break you must tell your Rotary Club supervisor, your crew/float supervisor/Phoenix, and check in with the Rotary Volunteer tent.

16. The Float decorating area must be kept clean at all times and the fire lanes must be kept clear.

17. Obey all instructions from your Phoenix Supervisor and from the Tournament of Roses Security Personnel.


Can I just show up to decorate?
We’re sorry buy you cannot just show up at one of our barns to decorate. We have thousands of people who come through our barn to volunteer. Please sign up ahead of time. More information is available if you click here.”

How old do I need to be to volunteer?
Due to insurance issues volunteers must be 13 years and older. No exceptions can be made.

How long do I have to volunteer for?
You must work a full eight hour shift.

Can I request to volunteer on a specific float?
No, we do not accept request for specific floats.

When we arrive to decorate, where do I check in?
You can check in at the volunteer coordinator table.

What time should I arrive at if I am signed up to decorate?
You should check in an hour prior to the start of your shift.

Where do we park when we go to volunteer?
Depending on the building you are volunteering at parking varies. Rose Palace, located on Raymond Ave., parking is on the street. Rosemont Pavillion, located on Seco St., parking is in Rose Bowl parking lot I.

Can I bring a lunch?
Yes, you can bring lunch if you can leave it in the car. We do not have storage areas and no food is allowed in either building.

Do I need to bring scissors or any other supplies?
All supplies needed for decoration are available at the float facility. However, if you have a pair of scissors that fit your hands perfectly, feel free to bring them. You may be doing a lot of cutting and we understand that some scissors just fit certain hands better than others. (Phoenix cannot be responsible though for any scissors left behind or misplaced.)

What should I wear?
Wear old but warm clothing and sturdy shoes with closed toe and heel.

Can we view the floats being decorated at your facility?
Viewing is available from the Tournament of Roses during the week of December 26th. Please contact the Tournament of Roses regarding the dates, times and costs.

Do you know where I can purchase parade tickets?
Tickets are available for purchase from Sharp Seating.

Where can I obtain information on lodging and RV parking?
You can contact the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau at (626)795-9311.